Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

Go Carz   takes pride in giving freedom to the customers to Cancel or Reschedule their trips with transparency.

Cancellation Before 24 Hours 20% Of The Total Trip Cost.
Within 24 Hours 50% Of The Total Trip Cost.
During Peak Season [?] No Refund On Cancellation.
(Before Trip Starts)
Before 24 Hours No Rescheduling Charge.
Within 24 Hours 20% Of The Difference. No Fee

If The New Fare Is Higher Than

The Old Fare.

(During The Trip)
Shortening The Trip No Refund.
Extending The Trip Normal Tariff For Extended Hours

(Subject To Availability)

. No Extra Charge.

Changing Pick-Up/Drop Off Location Before 24 Hours No Charge (Subject To Car/

Driver Availability At The New Location).

Within 24 Hours INR 500 (Subject To Car/

Driver Availability At The New Location).

Upgrade/Degrade Of Car Models Degrade Not Allowed.
Upgrade Before 24 Hours Differential Fare. Additional 10%

Of Initial Booking Fee.

Upgrade Within 24 Hours Differential Fare. Additional 20%

Of Initial Booking Fee.

Late Return Late Return Of 30 Minutes Differential Fare. Additional INR 200.
Late Return Of More Than 30 Minutes Differential Fare.

Additional INR 400 Per Hour.

Refuelling Fuel Tank
(On Return)
Fuel Tank As Provided No Charge.
Fuel Tank Deficit Than Fuel Provided Normal Fuel Charges For

The Deficit Fuel. Additional INR 500.

Cancellations and rescheduling allowed only though Go Carz  Website or Mobile App.

Go Carz  ‘s Rights Of Cancellation

Go Carz   reserves the right to cancel the booking under following instances (indicated but not limited to).
In case the document submitted by user is found to be invalid during the verification process.

  1. Basis the history of accidents or other incidents on the license.
  2. In case the user does not show up for 4 hours from the start time, booking will be cancelled by Go Carz  and no refund will be made.
  3. Right to admission is reserved and will be revoked by Go Carz  if:
    • User is found in inebriated or drunken state.
    • Someone else is there to take the delivery apart from the licensed user.
    • User is not a trained driver/is a learning license holder.
    • Number of passengers are more than the seating capacity of the car.
    • User refuses to share the identification document.
    • User Misbehaves with the executive on ground at the time of delivery.
  4. In case of any unforeseen circumstances – Natural calamity, water logging, riots, political movement, extreme rainfall, accidents, landslides etc, Go Carz reserves the right to either cancel the booking or provide alternate vehicle from the list of available cars at that given point in time.

Go Carz  is a responsible company and expects its users to be responsible.


Please read the following rules and applicable penalties in case of any violation.


Return The Car At Scheduled Location INR 1,500
No Late Return INR 400 Per Hour Of Late Return
No Unauthorized Activity- Carrying Arms &

Ammunition, Any Intoxication, Commercial Activity

INR. 5,000 & Customer Will Be Held Liable F

or Any Legal Action Arising Out Of These Activities

No Traffic Violation Actual Fine Payment. Additional Charge Of INR 1,000
No Smoking INR 2000 Or The Repair Amount Whichever Is Higher
No Loss Of Car Accessories INR 5000 Or Actual Cost Of The Accessory

Whichever Is Higher

Keeping The Car Clean INR 1000 Or The Cleaning Cost Whichever Is Higher
Any Damage To The Car Interiors Or

Exteriors Due To Colors

INR 1000 Or The Cleaning Cost Whichever Is Higher
No Tampering Of Devices INR 5000 & The Actual Cost Of The Repair Or The Fitment
No Over Speeding Over 125 Km/Hr 1st Violation – Warning Is Issued
On 2nd Violation -Charge Of INR. 1000
Subsequent Violations INR 1500 For Each Violation
Over Speeding Above 150 Km Per Hour –

Expulsion From Voler Cars & A Penalty Of INR 1500

No Damage To The Car Damage Cost Upto INR 5,000*
No External Branding (Stickers,

Wedding/Flower Decorations etc.)

INR. 5,000 & Expenses Arising Out Of

Repair Cost Or Such Damages

Submit Original Documents Security & Booking Amount Will Be Forfeited
Return Car Keys INR 2000 & Replacement Cost
Towing Or Impounding (User’s Fault) Full Towing/Impounding Cost On Actuals
No Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol 100% Of Vehicle Damage (Over And Above

The Security Deposit Of INR 5000)

Intentional Damage (Driving After Accident Or

Under Extreme Conditions Or Rash Driving etc.)

100% Of Vehicle Damage (Over And Above

The Security Deposit Of INR 5000)

Drive Yourself (Only The Account Holder Of The Present Booking Is Allowed To Drive) 100% Of Vehicle Damage

(Over And Above The Security Deposit Of INR 5000)

  • All applicable charges will be deducted from the security deposit. In case where the security deposit is not sufficient to cover the charges, the balance must be  paid by the user electronically.
  • Go Carz  reserves the right to prohibit a user from making next booking unless all his previous outstanding have been paid in full.